Getting Started

Our Philosophy

Our counselors believe that people hold the skills to work toward being healthy, happy and balanced, and their goal is to empower the client(s) by re-awakening those skills.

Therapy is a process; there is no quick fix to happiness, and no one is emotionally balanced 100% of the time. Through a very strong commitment and willingness to change and grow, every individual can effect positive change in their lives.

Joel and Elizabeth are a resource for those who are struggling in relationships, facing difficulties in life or school, or burdened by an obstacle that is hurting their personal or professional life.

The Counseling Process

Counseling provides a confidential, safe and non-judgmental environment to understand how life events shape and enable us to progress toward meeting goals, finding peace, healing, and restoration. Whether you are facing an immediate crisis, or dealing with the effects of a long-standing issue, we are here to help.


1. How much do sessions cost?
Our standard fee is $125 for a 50 minute session. A sliding fee scale is available, with a licensed therapist, that begins at $20 per session. Please read #3.

2. Does SIFCC accept insurance?
Yes, we are currently accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield (individual therapy only), WebTPA and Health Choice. Please note that at this time, SIfCC does not accept any type of public aid, including Medicare or Medicaid.

3. What if I don’t have insurance that covers mental health?
A sliding fee scale based upon annual household income is used to determine the cost of a counseling session, ranging from $20 - $125. Other resources may be available, depending on the individual’s circumstances.

4. How long does the process take?
Our staff works extremely hard to schedule an appointment as soon as one is available, from the time the contact is made. We also pride ourselves on providing quality care, so the balance between keeping our case load manageable and doing just that is important to us.

Further questions? Please call the staff at SIfCC at 405-624-5840.

Email Us All online submissions are answered typically during business hours and treated as confidential. Please indicate in the message field the best time of day for you to be reached.

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